Last week, we wrote a blog post about making content, not noise, when using social media to promote business interests. The chart above from Hubspot identifies trends in social media for business usage around the country. While the rampant majority of businesses are using multiple platforms to promote their businesses, few of them are developing the kind of content that breaks through the noise.

Here are some tips for creating more interesting content:

  1. Look at what others are doing. What do you like to read on Facebook, Linked In and other social media outlets? Chances are, what you gravitate toward will naturally be what may appeal to others. Find out what appeals to you, and then see how those tactics may apply to your own business content.
  2. Identify “sources” for inspiration. We’ve done this with our own POSITUS Points blog. By identifying sources around the web that we like to visit, we’ve been able to consistently be inspired with ideas for blog posts that are hopefully helpful and largely informational. It is much easier to post consistently with a revolving plate of ideas from which to feed every day.
  3. Make a plan. It doesn’t have to be a big plan. It can be as simple as deciding to post three times per week on a blog or to find three or four interesting articles to share on a business Facebook page.
  4. Let your personality shine through. Every post doesn’t have to be entirely about business. Sometimes, conveying individual sensibilities and preferences will be what people remember about a business. Come up with unique ways to display that personality here and there for some refreshing business content.
  5. Ask for help. We know lots of firms who do social media marketing, and we’re happy to recommend several of them. Sometimes, they can provide the insights that jump starts an internal campaign, and at others they can run the whole thing seamlessly. For certain advertising budgets, outside help can really make sense. Know where your business is to be able to know when to ask for help.

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Author of To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis, available March 1, 2014 First person of either sex to walk the 444-Natchez Trace as pioneers did. March 1 thru April 3, 2014
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